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3PL Module

3PL allows your customers to stay involved. Each of your customers will be assigned to a separate database that they can access remotely and 3PL allows your customers to stay involved. Based on the access that you grant them, your customers can view, track, and create sales and purchase orders against their inventory at any time online. All shipping documents such as packing lists, required certificates, bill of lading, and invoices can be created under the name of your 3PL customer and be sent on their behalf to their clients.

Customers can monitor their entire inventory at various warehouse sites or for a specific site, job, or order. They can view and edit existing orders to see what's active or what's been closed. They will know what on-hand inventory is available for each item based on what's been released for picking and what's due in for receiving. In addition, 3PL validates serial & lot tracking or will show when an item is expired and needs to be removed from the available inventory. Warehouse users can easily navigate between each 3PL customer database to view the activity of each customer.

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3PL Task Management

3PL manage each warehouse task and collect billable/non-billable activities for specific activities for each customer which can be used for billing purposes.

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3PL billing allows you to document and bill for the tasks you perform for each of your customers. Invoices can be both manually generated or automatically generated, based on each customer’s preference. Customers can receive summary or detailed invoices with all supporting documents..

Additionally, as an application service provider (ASP), Geneva Systems is committed to quickly deploying SMB companies in a matter of just days-with no added costs for server hardware and/or IT staff. This service is crucial to many companies who lack a sufficient IT department or network administrators.

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