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While GBMS Attendance tracks the arrivals, meal breaks, and departures of the employee's workday, the GBMS Labor module tracks what the employee worked on and how much time was spent working on it. Employees use their bar-coded Employee ID card and the bar codes of the work orders to scan themselves on and off of jobs.

Time is tracked against jobs by using automated collection equipment to log jobs in and out of the defined operations. Supervisors and managers can view the real-time status of their employees' performance and also the status of the jobs they are supervising. Using the Labor module, companies can track current costs and predict future costs more accurately.

Additionally, GBMS Labor lets users print work orders (shop travelers) with bar codes and other related information, such as operation / task notes and diagrams. The module provides detailed reports of hours worked per work order, operation, part number, or time period.

Features & Functions

  • Labor Transactions— View in real-time the jobs that employees are currently labored onto as well as the jobs they have already completed. Monitor accumulated actual time versus standard time as workers log off of jobs. Generate labor transactions from a data collection device, or enter them via the user interface.

  • User Defined Parameters — Define an unlimited number of work order statuses as well as work order operations / tasks, work order routings, work centers, warehouses, machines, and defect codes. Manually or automatically generate user-defined work order numbers and customer numbers.

  • Piecework — Track piecework incentive pay for individuals, teams or crews. At the end of the day, GBMS checks to see if employees met their piece rate quota, and automatically determines whether to pay them the piece rate or the minimum hourly rate.

Documents & Reports
  • Customer Labor—Displays employee labor hours by customer

  • Customer Listing—Lists all customers in the database

  • Direct Utilization —Displays employees' labor hours by labor type (e.g., direct, indirect, and non-working)

  • Employee Labor —Displays a detailed listing of employee labor hours by work order

  • Estimated Hours Comparison — Compares the actual labor hours to estimated / standard hours

  • Labor Operation —Displays a detailed listing of employee labor hours by labor operation

  • Labor Rule Listing —Lists all labor rules and the parameters defined within each rule

  • Labor Utilization — Displays employees' labor hours by labor type (e.g., direct, indirect, and non-working), by either a work center view or employee view

  • Part List by Category — Lists all parts by category

  • Setup & Run—Lists in detail employee labor hours summarized as either setup or un hours

  • Work Order Document —A printout of the actual work order

  • Work Order Labor —Lists employee labor hours by work order in either summary or detail format

  • Work Order Status — Lists the status of all work orders that are not closed

  • Piecework Quantity Completions — Displays quantities completed by each employee, piece rate and payout per employee

  • Time & Piecework — A combination of the Attendance module's standard Time Card report and the Piecework Quantity Completions report. This report combines the features of two reports into one so that transactions for employees who earn hourly wages on some days and piecework wages on other days can be displayed on one report

  • Top Piecework Earnings —Displays and ranks employees by their piecework earnings

  • Top Producers —Displays and ranks employees by their piecework production

  • Top Producers Graph —A graphical depiction of the Top Producers report
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