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Geneva Business Management Systems (GBMS)

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Geneva Business Management Systems? (GBMS) is a cost-effective scaleable suite of business management web-based applications specifically designed for use with automated data collection devices. Whether you have a single warehouse or a large chain operation, you can use GBMS to automate all your important daily tasks. Offering a completely integrated web interface, the GBMS solution lets you control business processes from any machine at any time via the Internet or Intranet. GBMS runs on a variety of platforms including: Internet Explorer 5.5+, Mozilla 1.3+, Firefox 1.0+ and Netscape 7+, Linux, Unix, Windows and MacOS.

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Click on the following hyperlinks to a complete list of the available GBMS modules for the specified industry as well as feature descriptions, screen shots, video demonstrations, white papers, and more.

  • GBMS Manufacturing and Distribution Suite: Designed for companies that manufacture and distribute products. Using automated data collection, users can purchase and receive raw materials, issue them to the manufacturing floor, and track material usage. These goods can then be received as a finished part, inventoried, and shipped to customers.

  • GBMS Distribution Suite: Designed for companies that distribute product without manufacturing. Using automated data collection, raw materials can be purchased, received, repackaged, kit, inventoried, and shipped to customers.

  • GBMS Warehouse Management Suite: Designed for companies that want to use automated data collection to manage all aspects of their inventory within their single or multiple warehouse(s).

  • GBMS Attendance: GBMS Attendance uses the most advanced automated data collection technology and equipment to record employee timecard information in real-time. Replacing most of the manual record keeping associated with time clocks and punch cards, this computerized system maintains the flexibility to handle shift changes, sick leave, vacations, and other variable factors your company requires, providing up-to-the-minute information. While GBMS Attendance tracks the arrivals, meal breaks, and departures of the employee’s workday, the GBMS Labor module tracks what the employee worked on and how much time was spent working on it. Employees use their bar-coded Employee ID card and the bar codes of the work orders to scan themselves on and off of jobs.

  • GBMS Workflow Automation: Designed for companies that want to create an integrated centralized web-based process that can completely automate daily business operations. Incorporating advanced exporting and reporting tools, the WFA module gives companies insight into their entire business pipeline, while reducing content errors, improving service quality and administrative effectiveness, as well as providing automatic exception reporting.
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