GBMS Distribution & Warehousing Suite

Geneva Business Management Systems (GBMS)

    GBMS Distribution & Warehousing Suite


The GBMS Distribution & Warehousing Suite is designed for companies that distribute any product, including food and beverage, without manufacturing. Using automated data collection, raw materials can be purchased, received, repackaged, kit, inventoried, and shipped to customers.


The following is a complete list of the available modules in the GBMS Distribution & Warehousing Suite. Click on the hyperlinks to view detailed information, including features, screen shots, videos, and more.

Sales Order Processing (SOP): Facilitate your entire order processing life cycle and related functions
Purchase Order Processing (POP): Manage requisitions, PO's, vendor returns, inventory replenishment, an unlimited number of vendor records, and more
Warehouse Management: Handle picking, packing, put away, shipping, receiving, inspection, inventory moves, serial / lot tracking, and more
Project Tracking: Provide a centralized location for grouping related documents under a higher level ID.
Workflow Automation: Create an integrated centralized web-based process to efficiently automate tasks
Document & Image Management: Quickly find, share and access all document types and electronic computer-generated files-from one easy-to-use desktop screen
Time and Attendance: Collect employee timekeeping and labor data for job costing
EDI: Maximize operational ease and speed with the latest Internet capabilities
RFID: Improve supply chain visibility by tagging items with detailed information about product size, price, destination, etc.

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